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Broken Spirit - Chapter 10
Broken Spirit
Chapter 10: Friday Has A Face
Cyborg and Robin hastened through the side streets running in full sprint with Starfire zooming above, keeping a sharp lookout from on high. The few minor obstacles did little to hamper their pace down the narrowing alleys, clearing descending steps and divider rails with wide leaps and easily bypassing detours.
The group was coming up fast on what seemed to be a dead end. A thick wall of laid brick barring their path to the connecting street.
Starfire boosted her altitude with ease, flying right over with no trouble.
Robin pulled a grapple launcher from his utility belt, firing a repel line atop an overhead rooftop, pulling himself into an elevated swing, scaling over the barrier and then touching down on the other side with ease.
Cyborg maintained his speed, merely lifting his shoulder, ducking his head down.
He burst through the wall with a stifled grunt, shaking off a few stray stone fragments that grazed his scalp.
They came to a
:iconblueserenity:BlueSerenity 14 9
Broken Spirit - Chapter 9
Broken Spirit
Chapter 9: Return Policy
It was late in the day, the sun already starting to set as the prisoner transport rolled to a stop downtown with a soft squeal of the brakes. Police had already cordoned off the area. Barriers and detours had been lined along every access street at least a quarter mile in advance.
The reinforced back doors of the transport opened. The clinging sound of chain restraints accompanied footsteps which creaked along the undercarriage as the occupant’s weight redistributed, approaching the exit. Two officers stood at the rear of the vehicle, grabbing hold of his waist and under arms as he dropped from the elevated back of the vehicle onto the pavement on his feet.
“Wha-ah!” Control Freak stumbled briefly, teetering as he dropped far harder than he intended to, hardly any support from his escorts. Met with little to no sympathy the guards lightly shoved him forward.
“Hey!” he barked, drawing back his arm as if entertaining th
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Epic Rap Battle - Toph Bei Fong vs. Tiny Tina
Tina: Yo Yo, fine ladies. Tiny Tina here.
     Live on your ECHO device, where everyone can hear.
     Seems we gots us somebody who wants get my rhymes flowin’.
     Ain’t her fault though, cause she can’t see where she’s goin’.
     Tough, I admit. Girl knows how to throw around her weight.
     Even for a walking foot fetish who looks like jail bait.
     Learned how to see and how to fight, Mommy and daddy would be proud.
     Oh no, wait. They kept you a secret, cause being strong wasn’t allowed.
     I actually feel kinda’ bad, sheltered life and kept sealed up in your room.
     Tell ya what. I’ll wrap you up in dynamite and YOU can be my boom.
Toph: Talk pretty tough for a girl with psychosis and pent up aggression,
     You need explosives to be a threat, but the whole Earth is my w
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Broken Spirit - Chapter 8
Broken Spirit
Chapter 8: Contact Your Local Service Provider
It was early the next morning as Raven made her way down the hall at a casual pace. Stretching one hand over her head, the other gently grinding her palm against her closed eyelid, she dispelled the last remnants of grogginess about her with a stifled yawn. Well, maybe not the last. Her posture was slightly slumped and her eyes were barely three quarters fully open. Evidence of a resistant struggle against the reclusive forces of sound sleep.
Which was somewhat off-putting, all things considered. Granted her mind still weighed heavily on recent events. But the evening prior had afforded her some measure of… relief?
No, no. Relief wasn’t the word. Relief would imply the troubles were over and her thoughts cleared. More like… evenness. Equal good to bad ratio in thought process.
She recounted the events quite clearly, almost able to recite his words by memory due to them still fresh in her mind and sticking wi
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Second Thoughts by BlueSerenity Second Thoughts :iconblueserenity:BlueSerenity 171 27
Broken Spirit - Chapter 7 Pt 2
Raven sat in the center of her bed, lotus position, with a book in her lap. She stared down at the pages more intensely than necessary. It was clear she was struggling to focus. But still she pressed on, shaking her head lightly as if trying to realign her thoughts.
She turned the page. But her eyes remained unmoving. The words were just one big blur to her.
“Ugh!” she slammed the book shut, falling onto her back, kicking out her legs, and holding the book over mouth. She closed her eyes, inhaling deeply through her nose.
“Still mad?”
Raven opened her eyes, sitting up, briefly alarmed but instantly reminded that doors and walls were of little consequence to some people. Quickly she steadied herself.
She could hear BeastBoy’s voice, but as she looked around the room, there was no sign of him.
Did she imagine it? Well, if she was in fact crazy, might as well roll with it.
“I wasn’t mad,” she said. “I was upset.”
There was a brie
:iconblueserenity:BlueSerenity 19 15
Broken Spirit - Chapter 7 Pt1
Broken Spirit
Chapter 7: Brood Swing
Raven hovered a few inches in the air with her cloak hanging just above the floor, reading quietly four separate books occupying the space in front of her. One directly in front of her, another on each side, and a fourth hanging above, all of them levitating by the black glowing backings of their pages. Reading, comparing, and cross referencing between every other page. Her eyes moved seamlessly from one book to the next. How she was able to do so without her eyes tripping over one another was a wonder.
But her extensive research into BeastBoy’s condition and a possible treatment was now in full swing.
A short distance away laid BeastBoy flat on his stomach, elbows up, holding his chin atop Raven’s bed. Unmoving and ever watching. It was hard to say how much time had passed. More than an hour, but less than a lifetime. At least by his standard of time.
“Well… I suppose that’s something.”
Raven’s previous sta
:iconblueserenity:BlueSerenity 16 3


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Ryan Farnsworth
Artist | Hobbyist | Varied
United States
Current Residence: Florida, United States
Favourite genre of music: Pop/R&B, J-Pop, Rock, Techno
Favourite style of art: Anime / Manga
Operating System: Windows 7
MP3 player of choice: Windows Media Player
Favourite Cartoon Character: Raven & BeastBoy - Teen Titans
Personal Quote: "Smile, It makes the world wonder what you're up to"
  • Listening to: Starset - My Demons
  • Reading: Koi to Uso
  • Watching: Tenchi Muyo: Ryo-Ohki 4
  • Playing: Fallout 4
  • Eating: Walnut Shrimp
  • Drinking: Grape Soda
Good news everyone. I’m still technically alive. Which is really the only kind of alive I’ve ever really known. So, I think I’m good.

Surgery went well. A little soreness and pain the first few days after the procedure, but otherwise nothing mind numbing or unbearable. Spent the last two weeks pretty much taking it easy, unable to put weight on my foot, mobile only through crutches. I don’t know what was worse, an itch you can’t scratch or being unable to shower on account of the cast. (There is no right answer)

I just had the cast taken off on Friday. Two vertical incisions along the back of my leg. One half-inch cut along the back of my calf and the other from the top of my ankle to almost the bottom of my foot. Twenty-two staples. Seven on the top, fifteen on the bottom. I know because I had time to count while I was waiting to have them plucked.

I’m back in the boot for at least another two weeks to heal. I can walk, but gingerly and still a little sore from time to time. 

There was only one complication amidst the whole ordeal. My grandmother passed away shortly after the procedure.
She’d been admitted the week before having difficulty breathing, which led to the discovery of blood clots and a stomach ulcer. At first, it seemed like a blessing in disguise as it accounted for her lack of appetite and deteriorating energy. Not long after treatment I was told she was looking and acting immensely better then she had in a while. Which was what made her passing such a shock.

I won’t go into details but she went quickly and quietly at home. No pain, no suffering. Just whisked away.

I felt pretty bad. I still do. My parents had come down to be with me for the surgery. I know there’s no way to predict these kinds of things, but I feel like I kept my Mom away during her mother’s last moments. Even if there was nothing she could’ve done, she could’ve at least been there to say goodbye.

I couldn’t be home for the wake or the funeral on account of the surgery. The doctor advised against it as it could potentially cause blood clots.




It’s been a lot to process. Heavy on the mind and heart. I only hope that she’s at peace and with the ones she loves.

I’m starting to come out of it though. And I think the best way is to focus on something constructive.

I’ve got a few new works underway. One still in the sketch phase and I’m finalizing the line work on another. Once I make a little more headway I want to get my fic back on track. I’ve had opening paragraphs for resuming the story swirling in my head for a while now.

I’m also starting to dip back into gaming for a bit. Fallout 4 has been idle on my shelf since last Christmas and I had only recently popped it open. I also picked up Horizon: Zero Dawn recently but no play time yet.

So to summarize: Lots of recovery ahead of me, keeping busy, and if you’re gonna be bed ridden I highly recommend eucalyptus five hundred thread count sheets.

Quote of the Day: "Age does not protect you from love. But love, to some extent, protects you from age."


Artists Who Never Cease To Surpass Expectations---->
:iconjodi-seer: - One of the first artists who inspired me to join DA.
:iconpizet: - A Teen Titans artist for shippers and art appreciators alike
:iconlimey404: - Her comics, artwork, and creativity in general are a must see.
:iconsparkyx: If you're a BeastBoy/Raven shipper and you don't know who this guy is, you don't know what you've been missing
:iconaslan1: - Few things have brightened my day like an update to his BB/Rae comic, but his skill in general and imagination really make him one of my favs.
:iconsunyimaci: - Departed from DA, but I still cherish and regard her work with the utmost prestige.
:iconraven-of-shadows: - An artist who's dedication and growing skill with TT based work continues to grow more and more towards an accomplished fan artist.
:iconemisan: - Long absent, but not forgotten, another superb Titans artist.

Artists worthy of respect and admiration---->



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